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How to choose the right kefir?

Always check to see if you have a local, raw, grassfed farm near you. This will always be our top choice. The quality is best and we love to support family farms.

But, sometimes we run out and need to run to the store and get the next best option.


Yes, there are a lot of marketing scams. The wording is deceiving and they end up looking the same.

If isn't organic, this usually means they use GMO feeds. GMO feeds also have chemicals such as glyphosate in them. They even dry out produce (grains/soy/wheat/oats) in glyphosate.

We first look for "100% grassfed". Then "organic." Then "whole milk." Then, this is where it gets trickier. We look for a company being family farm owned rather than a corporate product. Then we research the best choices based on that. Are they truely 100% grassfed or do they add grains or soy? Are they a soy free region? Are they transparent? Do they disclose all information, as needed?

KEFIR ➡️THIS OR THAT (out of these choices, when local is not an option)

We would choose Maple Hill organic creamery because of their honest label, ensuring they meet the standards of organic and grassfed. "Cows on Maple Hill farms graze on pasture, eat only grass and are never fed grain." They are also 3rd party tested (along with Organic Valley) for quality and authenticity. 1420*

Wallaby is not made with milk from 100% grass-fed cows. "The organic standards require animals to graze on pasture during the grazing season for at least 120 days per year. If farmers desire, they can also supplement the pasture with certified organic feed such as oats, grain and molasses." 645*

Lifeway Some of those claims not being truly grassfed or Guernsey cows came under fire after blogger and Dairy Herd Management columnist Carrie Mess, of, pointed out that Lifeway Foods was lying about the milk they received. Mess knew this because her farm sent milk to the plant owned by Lifeway. 1165*

365- lack of transparency. Investor owned. Soy is likely used in feed. Minimal grass grazing. 830*

*Dairy scoreboard:

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