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A little about this blog...

Welcome to the most genuine holistic blog that will give you the support you need in finding answers.

I just want to support you in your research to make the best decision for you and your family.

Are "Influencers" really influencers? They are paid to advertise (which is fine) but here we will not advertise unless we believe in the product. We will post different opinions, but never promote something we know isn't for your well being.

Passion. Searching for answers.

My passion for a balanced holistic lifestyle and a love for helping people made me start this blog.

I started this journey hardcore once my dog almost died from vaccines. They didn't have answers or help. I started my quest for the truth. Finding the truth by unraveling book after book, listening to doctors and scientist seminars, online for countless hours looking for studies, graphs, ANYTHING. I just wanted to learn. I strived for the TRUTH. I then realized this was going to be harder than expected because of all the money that is involved in pharma. I had to dig deeper... use other search engines other than google because I found out about censorship.

Now, I have a baby that just turned one. This researched helped me prepare for him. I even learned more after! It is the hardest thinking you have been doing right for so long to learn even that was wrong! Letting go is a big start to healing because stress is the number one killer.

My goal here is to bring you all the research I have found to help you live the most healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Always genuine and from the heart,


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